Thursday, April 23, 2009

Club4Paws, Bishan DR n Rain& Shine's Home - 11 Apr 2009

This morning, we went to Club4Paws again. We should also note that today is the first day where Shine meimei jumps into the pool herself. We din get the chance to swim alot as the owner will 2 huge black dogs came and dirty the pool again. We proceed to the cafe to rest and dry up before going to Bishan DR.

During waiting, something interesting happened.. I hold Rain gorgor's paw. Our pawrents were so amazed that they took many pics of us.

See! They keep disturbing until we keep looking around.. Cannot even enjoy a quiet moment together. Mummy say I modern girl, cos I make first move lor.. hehe

When we reach Bishan, there was a big pile of mud water. Initially, we went to the smaller area.. But after a while when the pawrents got tired from standing, they decided to go over. First time for me to see mud. I slowly walked up, smell the water and happily drink some. Not bad at all!

We carried on playing with each other.. Of cos we din try to go nearer to the mud but our pawrents keep shouting at us to keep off... See some pics of us having fun..

Ginger jiejie also manages to find 2 balls here. Auntie Janet says that she prefers her to find money instead.. haha..

It started drizzling so we left, with Mummy sending Ginger jiejie, Rain gorgor n Shine meimei back. Mummy and me went up to Rain n Shine's as mummy need to use their washroom. I manage to find a veg stick to chew.. I knew that Rain and Shine will try to snatch the stick from me so I manage to find a place that they wouldn't wanna go near... Their own pee tray!! Hahaha.. They only sat at the side and looked at me while I continue to chew on my delicious stick. They wouldn't want to come near the pee tray! I'm saved!!

As mummy need to rush off to pick daddy, I cannot stay long at their house. So till next weekend!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

TJ Beach, Katong DR, Bubble's House - 10 Apr 2009 (Good Friday)

Today we are going to TJ beach for a good swim. Mummy bought a big surf board for me as I'm scared to swim. Mummy also bought a big cooler box to keep me and my friends lunches. We went to pick up Ginger jiejie and Auntie Janet before heading down to Sentosa.

*Mummy: I only tell Zhu wat she wanted to hear. She doesnt know that both items are actually for my own use.. hehe

When we reach TJ beach, boy do our pawrents brought along alot of stuffs. There are 2 picnic tables and also another bigger surf board. There were lots of food on the table but i'm more interested to play with Rain, Shine and Bubble when we reached there.

Check out all the fun we had swimming and surf boarding!!

After so much exercising, we had to rest and sun tan on the beach..

After resting is treats time!!

After a while more of swimming and sun tanning, all of us head to Katong Dog Run. Its our 1st time there and Bubble's 2nd time. I cant wait as mummy says that we are going to have our lunch there.. Lunch!!

The sky was getting darker and it started to drizzle. Our pawrents hurried us up and they decided on plan C.. Bubble jie jie's house!! Yeah!!

At bubble's jiejie place, all of us were very tired.

And I slept like a dead puppy.. =P

As we and our pawrents were all very tired, we decide to head home early. Tomor is Club4Paws swimming time again...... I would like to gently remind mummy again that I'm not a fish...

*Mummy: Pls ignnore her complains. I need her to know how to swim properly so that in the future if i ever almost drown, she is still able to rescue me and swim me to safety. =P

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Class 95 Dog Walk, Rain & Shine House - 05 Apr 2009

This morning I woke mummy n daddy up at 5 30am. I know today is going out time so very eager n excited. Mummy still wanna sleep longer so daddy woke up to play with me for a while. We reached BDR around 7 30am and there were already lots of people walking around. I met up with Rain gor gor and Shine mei mei. I also got to meet new friends. They are camry, chevro, cayenne, belly and button. I also saw ginger jie jie's boyfriend Lucky there! Its really overwhelmed with so many familiar smells of my friends n other furballs... We are all too busy getting to know each other, humans and furkids, that only Janet Auntie and Eva Auntie were the only one taking photos.

With courtesy from Janet and Eva Auntie! Thanks a Million!!
Glenn and the Flying Dutchman

As I got training with CD trainers at Pasir Ris Farmway, we left BDR at around 10am. On the way there, I slept soundly through out the whole journey. During the training, Chris the trainers praised me for being good and obedient. Little did he know that I'm actually still half asleep.. haha.
We later met up with Bubble to go Rain & Shine's house again. Ginger jiejie is with them all this time. They also went to US Dog Bakery to pick up some delicious food for us.. I can't wait.

Our stupid parents suddenly wanted to play dress up on us... sigh..

And we had great fun at their house too!! With all the delicious food n treats that is..

Our happy faces....